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help your indoor plants survive the winter

During the winter - especially in colder climates like Boston - your indoor plants may be caught in a window draft, or too close to a warm heater. Here are three tips to keep in mind until spring:

1. Consistent temperature

Be mindful of where your plants are located. A bright, sunny spot by the window may have been ideal in early fall, but now that temps have dropped, proximity to the window may make your plants susceptible to cold drafts. Also keep tabs on the temperature inside your home because plants are living things, just like you!

2. Water less

Similar to bears and bees, plants go into a dormant phase during the winter so you may not need to water them as much. Get your hands dirty and check the moistness of the soil by sticking a finger about 2" into the soil. If it feels dry, do water as your plants' roots are likely thirsty.

3. Dust leaves

Dusting is good to do all year, but your plant can be more vulnerable to small insects in the winter since it is in a state of "dormancy". By wiping down your plants' leaves regularly, you make it a less tempting environment for spiders or dust mites to get cozy or play hide-and-seek.

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